The Rusted Concept project devoted to the process of Soviet ideology degradaion.


Soviet Union was constructed on the ideology basis. Marxism, Leninism and Communism doctrines was a driving force of building a future society. Soviet people were living in conditions of permanent mobilization in effort to fuel a world communistic revolution.

Why the system crumbled then?

Philosophical cause of Soviet State collapse is the ideology crisis. The global competition, in time, changed the Union’s raison d'être. Instead of “To build the better future” soviet propaganda established a new slogan “To overtake America”. Consuming level has become a primary in soviet’s people mind. Dreams of building a new society based on principles of justice and equality has been replaced by the thirst of sweet life. Metaphysics was declared as a chimera, but ideology is a metaphysical matter. How can one think of something more important than material when all immaterial is denied? Why communism yet not replaced socialism as a political system? Soviet ideologists have not found answers.

Stalin is dead, steel is rusted, state is collapsed.