Explosion welding project

Method: Metallic images of exploded heritage will be placed on gravestones with explosion welding. Result is gravestone with metal symbol.

We see this work topical because of increasing activity of radical groups, which intended to destroy heritage. Gravestones of destroyed heritage should drag attention to this problem.

We have consultation with Gipronikel institute and pyrotechnic Vladimir Ponikarovsky. Its is possible to merge metal and gravestones by explosion welding if fine-grained granite used for gravestone.

List of destroyed heritage:

  1. Royal Opera House, Valletta

  2. Monbijou Palace

  3. Paulinerkirche, Leipzig

  4. Parthenon

  5. Saviour Church on Sennaya Square

  6. Timbuktu

  7. Temple of Baalshamin

  8. Monumental Arch of Palmyra

  9. Great Mosque of Aleppo

  10. Coventry Cathedral

  11. Buddhas of Bamyan


Cryonics project

In this project, we intent to place a cat died from winter cold into transparent cryopreserving box, which is used in practice of cryonics. We want to bring attention to the problem of homeless animals’ suffering and, in the border sense, to show it as a metaphor of never-ending cycle of suffering.

Cats are exceptionally popular in media and in masses’ conscience. It usually supposed people enjoy by seeing how cute and nice these animals are. We see a very deep potential of effect on consciousness in this aesthetics of suffering and death in context of presence of such “cats’ cult”.

Cryonic company is ready to sponsor this project and make all necessary technical procedures to arrange an installation. They also approved its technically possible to realize the project.