Upcoming projects of the New Mediums Lab are focused on embodyment of the "suffering of change" principle of Eastern philosophy by the language of the art. Two techniques which we called "Ash-art" - pictures made with ash; and "Fading" - the process of visual "aging" of the image with light and temperature will help us to reveal the the darkest side of the happines.


Suffering of change (Viparinama-dukkha in Buddhism) is a process when pleasant or happy experiences changing to unpleasant when the causes and conditions that produced the pleasant experiences cease. It is a spoiled happiness which basis is disturbing emotions, obsessive desires and states of mind. When we recieve desired object or sensation, we become happy for a while. If those feeling of satisfaction would last long, we would last happy. But our happines fades. We want something new. We become indiffernt to the things which gave us grand pleasure once. We eager to reach new objects or sensations which we expect to make us happy... The cycle repeats. This fickle nature is a core of the suffering-of-change.


Objest, people, emotions, sensations. Everything we attach to, disappears, leaving only void, sadness and pain in the end. We do not own what makes us happy and our hapiness can end in any moment. Time is fading good memories of the moments of our happiness. Everything turn in the ashes.