Cyril Ely and Anatoly Pavlov are collaborating artists based at Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


They started to work together at 2016 and perform projects in very different artistic disciplines from fashion editorials to conceptual art objects and group exhibitions. Ely and Pavlov are always expanding the mediums they work with. In time, they established their own artistic vocabulary based at the intersection of photography, digital and conceptual art. They have produced and curated “edge” art festival which became a platform for over sixty authors from twelve countries to share their works. Ely and Pavlov conceived several original methods of photography and drawing. Later, in order to develop this unique approach, they arranged New Mediums Laboratory which mission is creating new expression mediums in art. They graduated “Paideia” the school of modern art interpretation. NordArt 2019 participants. Their works can be found in private collections and also been published in magazines all around the world.